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Vicosap is finding German Distributors and Wholesalers of products made from Macapuno Coconut - Tra Vinh specialty in Vietnam

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Vicosap Overview

Cau Ke Macapuno Processing Limited Liability Company (brand name Vicosap), established in 2020, is a leading company specializing in the production and distribution of Macapuno Coconut - Tra Vinh specialty in Vietnam (a special kind of coconut in which the flesh is dense, creamy, jelly-like, soft, and fatty, taking up the most space inside the coconut shell).

As the first and unique unit, Vicosap got a Vietnam record, is a unit that “Deeply processes Macapuno Coconut into the system with the most product lines, serving consumption and export”.

Exported to countries such as England, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Various product lines from Macapuno coconut, specialty gift boxes for Tet:

  • Vacuum Macapuno Coconut
  • Macapuno Coconut Candy (6 flavors: Pure, Pandan Leaf, Cocoa, Salted coffee, Cream cheese, Durian)
  • Crispy Dried Macapuno Coconut
  • Crispy Dried Macapuno Coconut Yogurt
  • Macapuno Coconut Strings
  • Healthy Macapuno Coconut Crunchies (3 flavors: Banana, Sweet potato, Pumpkin)
  • “Vang trang Tra Vinh” gift box
  • And many other products from Macapuno coconut and normal coconut.

Why should you cooperate with Vicosap?

  • Vicosap's Macapuno coconut product lines are exclusively registered in Vietnam, the indigenous and most concentrated raw material area is in Cau Ke district - where the factory is located, so we have abundant raw material sources and relatively few rival products from other areas.
  • Vicosap's Macapuno coconut products meet the current needs of Worldwide Food Consumption "Green, Clean & Safe" (No Chemical Colorants, No Preservatives, No Bleach).
  • Reputable source of goods, to be fully certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, FDA, and HALAL, guarantee stable and balanced product quality to meet the export market. 
  • Receive OEM orders, consult solutions, and adjust products according to the tastes of the market. We would be delighted to discuss how Vicosap can cater to your specific Macapuno coconut requirements.

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