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What is the speciality of Vicosap Macapuno Candy?

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Vicosap Macapuno Coconut Candy is a product line associated with the brand from its foremost days of establishment until now. So let's find out with Vicosap what's so special about Vicosap Macapuno Coconut Candy that so many people prefer it.

About packaging design

Vicosap Macapuno Coconut Candy is inspired by colors associated with daily life and, a simple and rustic design in the traditional way. Create a feeling of closeness and ease of access to consumers.

About ingredients

With production criteria

NO preservatives

NO chemical coloring

NO artificial sweeteners

NO bleach

A clear difference from the normal coconut candy that people often associate with, now eating coconut candy that has Macapuno coconut flesh mixed in "Suck on fragrant candy - Chew on Macapuno flesh".

With a variety of flavors such as pure, cocoa, pandan leaf, cream cheese, salted coffee, and durian, the product is copyrighted under the Vicosap brand.

About the Slogan

With the Slogan of bringing quality and safe products, Vicosap Macapuno Coconut Candy reaches consumers as a result of an extremely rigorous, meticulous and dedicated selection and production process.

Strict in each stage of selection and processing, ensuring product quality and absolute safety.

Packaged carefully, meticulously down to every detail. The packaging is fresh, eye-catching and the quality inside is not least with a sweet taste, low in sugar, less sticky to the teeth, helping to supplement nutrition with Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Protein, digestive fiber...

With enthusiasm in each candy, Vicosap makes products with love for the homeland and its specialties. Each Macapuno Coconut candy contains so much love from each member of the Vicosap home brings to consumers.

Vicosap is proud of bringing customers not only satisfaction but also trust.

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